At the Club’s Committee meeting on Wednesday 24th November 2021, the Committee considered member feedback and also medical advice about the efficacy of vaccination in reducing both the risks of infection and of an infected person passing the virus on, as well as advice about the Club’s obligation to provide a safe workplace.

The Committee has resolved to make vaccination a mandatory requirement of attendance at the Club for members, staff and visitors, other than in the event of a written medical exemption. This requirement will not apply to members and visitors under the age of 12. The Committee believes this to be the right decision in light of its obligation to provide a safe workplace and, in the event of an outbreak, the importance of minimising the risk of the Club needing to close for any period or not being able to provide a full range of services to members.

Commencing on Tuesday 7th December 2021 (at 12.01am on that day), all members, staff and visitors aged 12 and over will need to have received at least a single vaccination to attend the Club (other than those with a medical exemption).

Double vaccination will be required from Saturday 1st January 2022.

Visitors are required to show proof of vaccination on arrival at the Club.

The Committee will review its position on an ongoing basis, and certainly no later than Monday 28th February 2022.


Jamie Botten

26th November 2021