Our Club has an appropriate dress code, and we ask that all guests respect it.

Consistent with the standards of the Club, smart attire is required at all times.

  • Shirts must have collars.  Golf turtle neck shirts or skivvies are acceptable.  Shirts must be tucked in unless the shirt is expressly tailored to hang loose in which case the shirt must be no longer than upper hip height.
  • Sockettes or ankle socks are to be substantially white or of a colour that matches the predominant colour of the golfer’s outfit.  Dress socks are to be plain white or white with a Club logo.
  • Shorts must be tailored and worn with a belt. Cargo shorts (i.e. shorts with patch pockets sewn onto the side) are not permitted.
  • Denim clothing, track tops and leisure suits are not permitted.
  • Logos on shirts are to be no larger than pocket size.  Shirts with messages, cartoons, loud advertising slogans are not permitted.
  •  All tattoos must be covered at all times on the Links and in the Clubhouse


  • Golf shoes should be worn on the Course at all times.  
  • Ripple soles, metal spikes or thongs are not permitted. 


  • Golfing attire is acceptable throughout the Clubhouse but neither shorts nor golf shoes are permitted in the Dining Room. 
  • Denim clothing, track tops, leisure suits, shirts with messages or cartoons are specifically not permitted.
  • Female attire should be of an equivalent standard.
  • Any player not conforming to these dress requirements may be denied access to the Course & Clubhouse.  All Club and Professional Shop staff are empowered to enforce the dress code.